A recent New York Times article features Portland’s WAECHTER ARCHITECTURE as it explores affordable housing solutions. In the midst of a nationwide housing crisis, a rapidly growing city, and increasing density Waechter Architecture takes the humblest of challenges and elevates projects through design. The Garden House, a $150,000 project general contracted by the owner, was the 2015 co-recipient of the American Institute of Architects Honor Award alongside the $30 million dollar PNCA campus extension by Allied Works Architecture. Importantly, this strategy is also a scalable solution. Currently WA’s simple yet elegant design and material solutions can be seen from ADUs like Garden House to wineries to larger, low income multifamily projects.

Portland’s Small-House Movement Is Catching On  by Zahid Sardar, October 1st, 2016

“It feels larger, thanks to the indoor/outdoor design solutions Mr. Waechter developed.”

“The success of the cottage … left its architect, Ben Waechter, amazed. ‘It was dramatic to get an honor award for such a small project.'”

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